Spy Stories: Reagan, Hoover, Kerr at UC Berkeley in the 1960s

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In 1966 Ronald Reagan was elected Governor of California in a stunning victory over the long-standing incumbent Pat Brown (Jerry’s dad). He had won in some part because he had campaigned loudly on the need to restore order at UC Berkeley, where “beatniks, radicals and “filthy speech advocates” were proof of what he called the “morality and decency gap in Sacramento.” In January 1967 he called two senior FBI agents to the governor’s mansion in Sacramento. To learn more about the contentious relationship between Ronald Reagan, Clark Kerr and the Students at UC Berkeley check out the links below:

Ronald Reagan launched political career using the Berkeley campus as a target

The FBI’s Vendetta Against UC Berkeley

Berkeley: What We Didn’t Know

Student “Subversives” and the FBI’s Dirty Tricks

Reagan’s Personal Spying Machine

Peeping Ron

Reagan: “Kerr Outlived His Usefulness”

The Firing of Clark Kerr

Free Speech Movement Timeline

Essay: Nixonland – A Colony of Reaganville?

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