Waiting for Nobel – North Korea launches short-range missiles into Sea of Japan

Bad week for the neocons in the kleptocracy… first the Russians screw up their plans in Venezuela. Then the North Koreans, who haven’t had this much fun in years, fire up the “don’t forget about us” flares. Enjoy this Kabuki theatre while it lasts because I expect these provocations will dwindle as we get closer to the election. After all, they wouldn’t want to endanger the continuation of the patsies (especially after spending so much effort getting them elected). To use a sports metaphor– remember the Globetrotters? There is a reason they played against a fake team (Washington Generals) instead of the Boston Celtics… Well, ok, Celtics is too much credit to give to the Dems. Let’s go with Sacramento Kings.

Fox News is always good for a laugh. Especially the TV generals– “Russians have no business in our back yard, so we will continue to shoot up their back yard, only worse.” You can’t make this stuff up.


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