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The Masters Bait and the Press Bites

Insidious left-wing media? Sure there is some truth to it– much of the media still holds the mainstream, new deal, middle-class values that had been ascendant since the end of WWII. Values that had been established and fostered in order to fend off a reoccurrence of economic depression and the fascism that had torn the world apart. But the idea of a vast left-wing cabal conspiring against good old fashioned American values is of course laughable, a straw man. Then along comes this guy Trump, whom at first even the Republicans despised. But it didn’t take them long to realize the great service he could provide them. Now they are proving once again that tactically they are always at least one step ahead. So Trump throws a few strategically targeted pies at the biggest players in the media– NY Times, Wash Post, CNN, NBC etc..– knowing exactly how they would react: they would band together and retaliate in a petulant, often times petty, frenzy. Which of course they have. And Presto! yuuuge left-wing media conspiracy. Hook Line and Sinker. Now the myth has been normalized, and for those true believers who sop this stuff up, an empirically proven mortal wound. Good luck ever winning that argument at the bar again….checkmate.
“Never attempt to win by force what can be won by deception.” – Machiavelli