Video: Vietnam Peace Marches 1965 – 1972

Based on :Image:Peace Sign.svg, drawn with thi...

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April 18, 1967: protest in Central Park, march to UN building, Martin Luther King leads procession; another march in downtown San Francisco: “President Johnson meanwhile let it be known that the FBI is closely watching all anti-war activity.” violence in Rome

October 24, 1967March on the Pentagon

New York City 1967

Sir No Sir! : The Suppressed Story of the GI Movement to End the War in Vietnam

Protests Galore – May 1967: Vietnam protest demonstration in Britain; also at Madrid University in Spain, burned American flag; also 4000 in Detroit at “love-in” and “be-in” with hippies and wild constumes (2) News In Brief – U.S. jet bombers hit North Vietnam targets (3) May Day parade in Moscow, Premier Kosygin



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