Vietnam War Notebook

Into sunlight they marched,
Into dog day, into no saints day,
And were cut down.
They marched without knowing
How the air would be sucked from their lungs,
How their lungs would collapse,
How the world would twist itself, would
Bend into the cruel angle.

Into the black understanding they marched
Until the angels came
Calling their names,
Until they rose, one by one from the blood.
The light blasted down on them.
The bullets sliced through the razor grass
So there was not even time to speak.
The words would not let themselves be spoken.
Some of them died.
Some of them were not allowed to.

—Bruce Weigl

Documentary Videos

Who Spoke Up?

The Photographers

Documents Relating to the Vietnam War

The Nightly News

War Timeline

Glossary of MiIitary Terms

Author’s Book Collection on Vietnam Wars  /  Korean War Book Collection

Vietnam Today – Photo Archive @ Terragalleria

Other Historical Timelines of interest

Vietnam War Notebook Essays:

Introduction: Essential Context

Introduction: Effects of Geography and Climate

Chapter 1 – Early History of Vietnam, Nam Viet to Gia Long

Chapter 2 – The 19th Century, Colonialism Comes to Vietnam

Chapter 3 – Early 20th Century to World War II

Chapter 4 – The World War II Years

Chapter 5 – French Indochina War, Early Years (1946 – 1950)

Chapter 6 – French Indochina War, Meat Grinder War (1951 – 1953)

Chapter 7 – French Indochina War, Dien Bien Phu (1953 – 1954)

Chapter 8 – Geneva 1954 and the Rise of Ngo Dinh Diem

Conclusion – Thoughts on the War’s Legacy

Vietnam War – Final Statistics

Vietnam War Vignettes:

Vignette: Three Stages of Mao’s Revolutionary Warfare

Vignette: The OSS and Ho Chi Minh, 1945

Vignette: French Defeats Along RC 4, Fall 1950

Vignette: Battle of Mao Khe, March 23-28 1951

Vignette: French Armed Forces in Vietnam, 1945-1954

Vignette: The French Groupement Mobile 100

Vignette: The Geneva Conference 1954

Vignette: Diem Survives Coup Attempt, 1962

Vignette: Battle of Ap Bac, January 2, 1963

Vignette: Vietnamization and ARVN’s Identity Crisis

Vignette: Cambodian Coup, March 1970

Vignette: Cambodia, Kent State and the Kissinger Question

Vignette: Easter Offensive, 1972

Vignette: Limited Vs. Total War

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One response to “Vietnam War Notebook

  1. ashley c hobbs

    lost my brother who I was with everyday god might as well took my live also he was like father who raised me also his two children my brother gave his live to the military and left me upside down with his two children and his wife

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