Vietnam: Final Statistics

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Vietnam War: Most historians of the Second Indochina War concern themselves primarily with the American Phase of the conflict, 1965-73;

Final death toll:

  • South Vietnamese military: 185,000 to 225,000 (Britannica)
  • North Vietnamese military and Viet Cong: Approx. 444,000 (Ency. Americana)
  • South Vietnamese civilians 430,000 (The Sen. E. Kennedy Commission, according to Lewy, Olson)
  • North Vietnamese civilians: 65,000 (Kutler, Lewy, Olson, Summers, Wallechinsky) by American bombing. Or…
  • Total Vietnamese Civilian Deaths: Est. 1,000,000 (Britannica [in both North and South]
  • U.S.: 58,000 (Britannica)
  • South Korea: 4,407 (Lewy, Olson, Summers);
  • Philippines: 1,000 (S&S)
  • Thailand: 351 (Lewy, Olson, Summers, Wallechinsky)
  • Australia: 469 (Lewy, Summers, Olson [w/NZ)
  • War Dead: 429,000
  • Genocide: 288,000
  • TOTAL: 717,000:
  • 200,000 to 250,000


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