Audio: Martin Luther King Jr. on Vietnam 1967 -68

3. Martin Luther King, Jr., a civil rights act...

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1) Beyond Vietnam: Martin Luther King Jr: “Tonight, however, I wish not to speak with Hanoi and the NLF, but rather to my fellow Americans who, with me, bear the greatest responsibility in ending a conflict that has exacted a heavy price on both continents… Listen>>

2) Why I Am Opposed to the War in Vietnam:

“And you may not know it, my friends, but it is estimated that we spend $500,000 to kill each enemy soldier, while we spend only fifty-three dollars for each person classified as poor, and much of that fifty-three dollars goes for salaries to people that are not poor. So I was increasingly compelled to see the war as an enemy of the poor, and attack it as such….Listen>>

3) Martin Luther King at Santa Rita: King’s speech at a demonstration supporting anti-war activitists imprisoned at the Santa Rita rehabilitation center. RECORDED: Santa Rita, California, 14 Jan. 1968. BROADCAST: KPFA, 15 Jan. 1968. (23 min)…Listen>>

4) MEN AND WOMEN IN THE ARTS CONCERNED WITH VIETNAM : BENEFIT FOR MARTIN LUTHER KING. James Baldwin comments before Dr. King’s final speech in Los Angeles, followed by the speech itself. Recorded in a Beverly Hills, California home, 16 Mar. 1968. – CONTENT: pt.1. James Baldwin’s comments (6 min.) — pt.2. Martin Luther King, Jr. speech (31 min.). – RECORDED: from the audience, 16 Mar. 1968. BROADCAST: KPFK, 4 Apr. 1968… Listen>>

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