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Letter from Ho Chi Minh to President Harry S. Truman, 02/28/1946

ho-chi-minh-telegram-truman-lFDR had stated he was against the re-acquisition of Indochina by the French after WWII. Unfortunately he didn’t make it that long. Truman ignored Ho Chi Minh’s plea for help and backed the French.

Ho Chi Minh had come to power in Vietnam with the assistance of the OSS in the wake of the Japanese surrender in September 1945. He had not yet been tarred with the Communist label– that came later for political reasons. Truman sacrificed Ho in order to keep the French solidly in the Western bloc against the Russians at the end of the war…the rest of course was tragedy….


Combat Footage: French Indochina War

Number of military casualties in the French Indochina War:

— Viet Minh – 500,000 killed (est.)

— French Union Forces – 89,797 killed and MIA

Vietnam Notebook: Geneva 1954 and the Rise of Ngo Dinh Diem


The French, Americans and British all had vested interests in keeping the Communists at bay during those chaotic days. They were particularly interested in keeping them from gaining a foothold in Saigon. A suitable governor had to be found, one that was loyal to the “idea” of a South Vietnam and who would advocate for western policies once in place. A name that had surfaced on-and-off throughout the years of French rule was one Ngo Dinh Diem… READ MORE>>

Battlefield Vietnam (Video)

Civilians sort through the ruins of their home...

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