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Letter from Ho Chi Minh to President Harry S. Truman, 02/28/1946

ho-chi-minh-telegram-truman-lFDR had stated he was against the re-acquisition of Indochina by the French after WWII. Unfortunately he didn’t make it that long. Truman ignored Ho Chi Minh’s plea for help and backed the French.

Ho Chi Minh had come to power in Vietnam with the assistance of the OSS in the wake of the Japanese surrender in September 1945. He had not yet been tarred with the Communist label– that came later for political reasons. Truman sacrificed Ho in order to keep the French solidly in the Western bloc against the Russians at the end of the war…the rest of course was tragedy….

Vietnam Notebook: The First Indochina War, Early Years 1946 – 1950

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In November and December 1946 fighting broke out in Haiphong and Hanoi between the Vietminh and the French. This signaled the vanishing point for any chance of a peaceful solution in Indochina. With the onset of the First Indochina War millions who had previously been on the fence were suddenly forced to take a side– the vast majority lined-up against the French…. MORE>>

Vietnam Notebook: The OSS and Ho Chi Minh, 1945

Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum at Ba Dinh Square.

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The French underground in Indochina assisted in rescuing downed Allied pilots. A solid spy network had been constructed in Vietnam that was actively transmitting good intelligence on the Japanese. As time passed the OSS gained increasing access to the output of the underground. Pilots were rescued. Then suddenly in spring 1945 the flow of information ceased without warning. The Japanese had launched their coupe de main in Vietnam. Grasping for a new strategy, OSS colonel Paul Helliwell turned to Major Archimedes Patti… MORE>>

Vietnam Notebook: Indochina, Fall 1950: The Battles along RC 4

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By the end of Giap’s hugely successful attacks along RC4 in 1950 the French were in disarray and fearing for their safety and colony. They were making plans to evacuate as many colonists as possible from North Vietnam… MORE>>