Audio/Video: Famous Speeches of Malcolm X

Malcolm X at Queens Court

Image via Wikipedia

Famous Speeches of Malcolm X:  Includes Oxford debate 1964; House Negro and Field Negro; Revolution; Stop Singin and Start Swingin; Words from the Frontlines

The Life and Death of Malcolm X:  A collection of rare tv footage and speeches covering Malcolm X’s life and death (video)

The House Negro and the Field Negro:  Video

1964 Post-Hajj Interview: Just back from Mecca (video)

Race Relations in Crisis Video:  Guests: Malcolm X; Morrison, Alan; Walker, Wyatt Tee; Farmer, James


The Ballot or the Bullet

By Any Means Necessary

You’re Afraid to Bleed

Malcom X’s Last Speech – Ford Auditorium (book)

Assorted Audio and Video Clips (Real Player required)

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