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Vietnam Notebook: Geneva Peace Conference 1954

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John Foster Dulles

The Geneva Accords “temporarily” divided Vietnam at the 17th Parallel. Why such a disappointing outcome for Ho Chi Minh and his comrades? At the time Ho’s primary allies, the USSR and the People’s Republic of China (PRC), had other geopolitical considerations that outweighed any benefits to be gained from digging in their heels for Ho Chi Minh… READ MORE>>


Vietnam Notebook: Indochina, Fall 1950: The Battles along RC 4

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By the end of Giap’s hugely successful attacks along RC4 in 1950 the French were in disarray and fearing for their safety and colony. They were making plans to evacuate as many colonists as possible from North Vietnam… MORE>>

The Three Stages of Mao’s Revolutionary Warfare

Mao in 1935.

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Like all craftsman and builders in history, Mao worked with the materials available at hand– peasants. It wasn’t the crisis of overproduction, or the alienation of the worker, that mattered to them. No, what a Chinese peasant dreamed of was land; Mao understood this well… More>>

Online Book: Science Against the People – The Jason Group in Vietnam

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“They had conceived the McNamara Line, and the sensors for this were now being dropped over the Ho Chi Minh Trail together with mini-mines camouflaged to look like leaves, twigs and things of nature. Acoustic sensors recorded sounds of human and vehicle activity. There were the Button Bombs– pill size explosives which were designed to activate nearby sensors. There was the Lava Plan– an unsuccessful search for a chemical formula to turn the moist forest soil of the Ho Chi Minh Trail into slippery grease…” More>>