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The Binh Xuyen: Order and Opium in Saigon

Bảo Đại and his followers on accession

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In 1950 the CIA’s Colonel Lansdale reported that:

“The Binh Xuyen were participating in one of the world’s major arteries of the dope traffic, helping move the prize opium crops out of Laos and South China. The profits were so huge that Bao Dai’s tiny cut was ample to keep him in yachts, villas, and other comforts in France.”More>>

Online Book: CIA Essay on Phoenix Program

Flag of the National Front for the Liberation ...

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Happy hunting in Tay Ninh Province 1969-70. In South Vietnam the CIA ran a pacification program known as Phoenix that was both ruthless and controversial…. more>>

Online Book: CIA History of Rural Pacification in Vietnam

A U.S. riverboat deploying napalm during the V...

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The CIA‘s history of the ill-fated rural pacification program during the Vietnam era. Notable participants included Ed Lansdale and Richard HolbrookeMore>>