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Cold War and the Amerasia Affair

Ameriasia magazine was published in New York C...

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A fascinating view inside the State Department at the onset of the Cold War. Anyone interested in the Amerasia Affair will find it most interesting. Read >>> Creating A Security Office

Vietnam Notebook: The OSS and Ho Chi Minh, 1945

Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum at Ba Dinh Square.

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The French underground in Indochina assisted in rescuing downed Allied pilots. A solid spy network had been constructed in Vietnam that was actively transmitting good intelligence on the Japanese. As time passed the OSS gained increasing access to the output of the underground. Pilots were rescued. Then suddenly in spring 1945 the flow of information ceased without warning. The Japanese had launched their coupe de main in Vietnam. Grasping for a new strategy, OSS colonel Paul Helliwell turned to Major Archimedes Patti… MORE>>

Spy Stories: The Einstein Files

Albert Einstein during a lecture in Vienna in ...

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Author Fred Jerome details the activities of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) in spying on Albert Einstein and his associates. He also details the pacifist and socialist politics of Albert Einstein and his involvement in the Civil Rights Movement which provoked J. Edgar Hoover into leading an F.B.I. campaign to link the Nobel Prize-winning physicist to Soviet espionage activities and discredit his reputation…More>>

Spy Stories: Reagan, Hoover, Kerr at UC Berkeley in the 1960s

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In 1966 Ronald Reagan was elected Governor of California in a stunning victory over the long-standing incumbent Pat Brown (Jerry’s dad). He had won in some part because he had campaigned loudly on the need to restore order at UC Berkeley, where “beatniks, radicals and “filthy speech advocates” were proof of what he called the “morality and decency gap in Sacramento.” In January 1967 he called two senior FBI agents to the governor’s mansion in Sacramento. To learn more about the contentious relationship between Ronald Reagan, Clark Kerr and the Students at UC Berkeley check out the links below:

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Reagan: “Kerr Outlived His Usefulness”

The Firing of Clark Kerr

Free Speech Movement Timeline

Essay: Nixonland – A Colony of Reaganville?