Labor Biographies

Eugene V. Debs photo portrait, half, facing right.

Image via Wikipedia

Victor Berger

Bill Blizzard

Ed Boyce

Harry Bridges

Cesar Chavez

Eugene V. Debs

David Dubinsky

‘Smiling Joe’ Ettor

Samuel Gompers

William Green

Elizabeth Gurley Flynn

William Z. Foster

‘Big’ Bill Haywood

Joe Hill  Joe Hill

Sidney Hillman

Morris Hillquit

Mary Harris “Mother” Jones

John L. Lewis

Frank Little

Lucy Mason

James H. Maurer

George Meany

Charles Moyer

Philip Murray

Kate Richards O’Hare

Frances Perkins

Terence V. Powderly

A. Philip Randolph

Walter Reuther

Fannie Sellins

Haymarket Martyrs:

Albert Parsons

August Spies

Adolph Fischer

George Engel

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