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Audio: Chicago 1968

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Pacifica Radio’s coverage of the 1968 Democratic National Convention in Chicago. Features Julius Lester‘s interviews with Black delegates who talk about the confusion and corruption of the process, as well as his reports on the battle outside the Convention, and Alan Ginsberg‘s address to demonstrators and the Chicago police. Bobby Seale, Abbie Hoffman, Jerry Rubin and Tom Hayden all make appearances in the recordings linked below…

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Convention Coverage in Chicago

A Night in Chicago – 27 Aug 1968: Bobby Seale, Black Panther Party co-founder outside the Convention Center at a Black Panther rally; Dick Gregory at President Lyndon Johnson’s “birthday” party; and reports from Allen Ginsberg and Studs Terkel about police brutality

Allen Ginsburg Clip

Bob Fass in Chicago – 27 Aug 1968:  Discussion of Phil Ochs, Jerry Rubin, Abbie Hoffman and current issues. WBAI RECORDED: (via telephone) August 27, 1968

A Day In The Park – 1968 Festival of Life: Recorded: Lincoln Park in Chicago, Ill., 27 Aug. 1968.  Description: l events led to the infamous Trial of the Chicago Seven; includes music and confrontation with police. (80 min.)

Tom Hayden Interview:  Hayden discussed his books “Writings for a Democratic Society,” and “Voices of the Chicago 8: A Generation on Trial.”

Online Book: Subversive involvement in disruption of 1968 Democratic Party National Convention. Hearings, Ninetieth Congress, second session:

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3