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Vietnam Notebook: Three My Lai Heroes Honored (1998)

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On this day in 1998 the Army honored three Americans who risked their lives and turned their weapons on fellow soldiers to stop the slaughter of Vietnamese villagers at My Lai in 1968… More>>

Audio: Which Direction for the Left in 1968

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Recorded: 1 Dec. 1967. Michael Schon and Dorothy Healey discuss potentials for New Left politics in the 1968 elections… Listen>>

Audio: 1968 Columbia University Student Strike

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Students at Columbia University intensified the anti-Vietnam War movement on April 23, 1968 by starting a revolt against the school administration seizing campus buildings and barricading themselves for days. Eventually the police moved in with military-style force, injuring 140 and arresting more than 700 participants…



Radicalization at Columbia University 1968

The Columbia University Strike

Mark Rudd Interview

Columbia Rally – May 1968

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White Response to Urban Riots – Columbia. April 1968