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Online Book: Base Development in Vietnam 1965-1970

M60 in Vietnam, 1966

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The U.S. Army’s accounting of its fortification techniques and experiences in the Vietnam War. Published in 1972 … Read>>

Audio: How Are You Doing in Vietnam?

Image of a Sony TC-630, a reel-to-reel recorde...

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An Army pilot from Douglas, Wyoming is sent to Vietnam in 1967 leaving behind a wife and three young children. Capt. William B. Graves buys a tape recorder and sends audio tapes back to his family. As well, they record tapes of their own and send them to him…


Online Book: The US Army in South Vietnam, Troop Topic Sep. 1968

Map of Vietnam, scalable format

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From pamphlet: “We have seen that our goal in Vietnam is to achieve order by helping the South Vietnamese to exercise authority over their own territory and people. The combat required to attain this goal adds up to a strange kind of war -a mixture of the familiar and the unfamiliar”…More>>

Online Book: Airpower in Three Wars – WWII, Korea, Vietnam

An F-14D from VF-213 prepares to refuel over A...

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From Text: Every war has its own characteristics, but a common thread on the employment of airpower seems to emerge. There surfaces a common operational doctrine. To be sure, the tactics were not alike but the results obtained appear very similar. Air superiority made it possible to sustain attacks against the core of the enemy’s strength and ability to wage war and, at the same time,
to support attacks against enemy forces in the field…. More>>