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Vietnam Notebook: Early 20th Century Vietnam: The Rise of Communism, Nationalism, and Ho Chi Minh

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No more than ten percent of Vietnamese received any formal schooling at all. But some of those who received western-based schooling were to have enormous political impact. The schools were filled with the sons of government officials and merchants, both French and Vietnamese. They became versed in the French concept of Liberté, Égalité and Fraternité. So it isn’t surprising that some of these students would become oppositional to a colonial system that looked down on and exploited the native population. These were young people for the most part, and many felt that their elders had debased themselves for French favors. The result was the emergence of a strong strain of Vietnamese self-awareness with a powerful anti-French edge. And it was the better educated who would drive the virulent anti-French sentiments as time went on…. MORE>>

Timeline: Vietnam Wars 1945 – 1975

Hồ Chí Minh (right) with Vo Nguyen Giap (left)...

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In the summer of 1945 the OSS Deer Team began working with Ho Chi Minh and his followers against the Japanese.

Thirty years later, after millions of casualties, the war finally came to an end when NVA troops rolled into Saigon. It had been a long and torturous ride for everyone who had lived through it. Read a chronological narrative of events…More>>

Online Book: Science Against the People – The Jason Group in Vietnam

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“They had conceived the McNamara Line, and the sensors for this were now being dropped over the Ho Chi Minh Trail together with mini-mines camouflaged to look like leaves, twigs and things of nature. Acoustic sensors recorded sounds of human and vehicle activity. There were the Button Bombs– pill size explosives which were designed to activate nearby sensors. There was the Lava Plan– an unsuccessful search for a chemical formula to turn the moist forest soil of the Ho Chi Minh Trail into slippery grease…” More>>